LM Tax will no longer be servicing clients as of January 1, 2024



You can contact me by email at garrett@lmtax.ca until Friday, May 10th  2024 (which is when our website/email hosting subscription expires). 

You may want to reach out for things such as: 

  • If you require copies of your historical returns or documents (which I will hold on to until the 2025 tax season).
  • If you have questions about returns I’ve filed for you.
  • If you receive assessment/reassessment letters pertaining to tax years I have filed.
  • If you’d like to request that I permanently delete your information/documentation from our systems sooner than our privacy policy dictates.
  • If you have any other personal-tax inquiries that you’d like my input on.
To all the folks that supported us, we are grateful for your business. We wish you all the best, and please do not hesitate to reach out for support.